Ditch Your Carburetor for Fuel Injection – FiTech Has the Answers

Sure, you have spent plenty of your hard earned money on fancy carburetors, but with elevation or weather changes it requires constant adjustment. You have thought about fuel injection and the idea of dialing in your car with a laptop scares you, so you solider on with your jet changes.

However, it would sure be nice to have something that works right out of the box and does not require a degree in computer science to dial in your high horsepower street .

For those with 671 and 871 Roots Superchargers or just your run of the mill 1200 horsepower naturally aspirated “street” machine, FiTech Fuel Injection has a Dual Quad setup just for you. The EFI 2X4 Power Adder 1200 HP system can work with your 2X4 Blower Plate or can be side mounted using custom made linkages. For the naturally aspirated crowd, FiTech’s kit will mount up with most dual quad and or tunnel ram manifolds.

Now for the guts, air-fuel ratios can be a great source of stress, but the EFI 2X4 makes it easy thanks to the touch screen controller. If you can use a tablet or a smart phone, then you have already fought half of the technology battle. The simple touch screen takes the stress out of tuning a supercharged engine.

With two throttle bodies, the system will dial itself in and accommodate the weather and elevation conditions. If you still want to fine tune the fine tuning, then you have complete control thanks to the touch screen controller.

For more information, visit them online at fitechefi.com

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