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Upping the Pressure: EFI-Conversion Fuel Pump Options

When you are building your car from scratch or converting your car from a carbureted setup to an electronic fuel injection setup, plumbing your fuel system can be one of the most intimidating parts of the journey. There are a... Read More

RideTech Transforms a Truck in 48 Hours at Barrett-Jackson

Talk about pressure: Imagine taking a car to an auction, doing a complete upfit on the premises and then selling the vehicle 48 hours later! That’s precisely what RideTech, an aftermarket suspension company, did last week at Barrett-Jackson’s Scottsdale sale,... Read More

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FiTech’s Ken Farrel sits down with Two Guys Garage

Ken Farrell sits down with Two Guys Garage to discuss Fuel Injection and FiTech’s current kits, as well as upcoming systems. They sat down and talked at this year’s SEMA show and went over the benefits and specifications of the... Read More

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PRI 2016- Performance Racing Indianapolis

PRI- Show Info: Download The PRI 2016 Mobile Show App: The all-new PRI 2016 Trade Show App helps you maximize your Show days. Plan and view your PRI Trade Show agenda on your mobile device from the show floor.With just... Read More

SEMA 2016: FiTech 360° Sema Experience

Thank you to all customers and dealers making the Sema show a success and we look forward to 2017! News SEMA Global Media Awards: SEMA recognizes that automotive personalization and customization is growing worldwide. Though the appeal of making cars... Read More

SEMA 2016: The FiTech Ultimate LS Kit Is The Next Evolution In EFI

Each year, someone at the SEMA trade show answers questions that we hadn’t thought about before the show. One of this year’s answers came from FiTech Fuel Injection, which answered the question, “Have we accomplished everything we can with fuel... Read More

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SEMA 2016: FiTech Unleashes Ultimate Induction System for LS Engines

LAS VEGAS, NV — FiTech introduced a brand-new induction kit for LS engines at the 2016 SEMA Show which company officials say is the easiest and least-expensive way to upgrade old factory hardware or top off your new LS long... Read More

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Ford vs Chevy: Size, Weight, and HP Per Pound Comparison

We took a tape measure to the Ford 5.0 from our $9,999 LS vs Coyote shootout, a thousand-horsepower blown LSX376, and a Motown II LS/SBC hybrid, then threw them on the scales. Is the Coyote really that much bigger than... Read More

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Engine Power – Battlestar Galaxie By Power Nation

Team continues the transformation of its turbocharged ’63 Galaxie into a top-speed terror. Also, converting a cranky carbureted small-block to fuel-injection. Watch Video

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Fuel Injection Made Easy With FiTech EFI!

Technology is constantly moving forward, including technology in cars. Under the hood, the carburetor has been around since the invent of the internal combustion engine as we know it. As the internal combustion engine has improved, carburetors have too. At... Read More

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