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Is there an advantage to putting the O2 sensor behind the X pipe to get a blended reading of both headers?

That’s a trade-off! While you would get a blended reading , the X pipe is far back in the system and would not react quickly. We find that one collector works fine and gives instant readings and fast response to... Read More

How do I change the MAP sensor for BOOST?

You don’t need to! The ECU is equipped with an onboard 2.5 bar MAP sensor good to 25 psi.

Does your system have the same type of cold start/ warm up qualities of new cars? i.e. start, stay running, higher idle , then come down to idle rpm in cold weather that we expect?

FiTech is a group of OE engineers bringing you performance parts at an affordable price, and all of our new car ECU features are packed into our performance division products so YES, you can expect all of the new car... Read More

Does your product correct for altitude?

Yes, we have barro correction built in!

Do I need to tune my engine with the Handheld controller or are the factory settings good enough for my car?

You only need the Handheld controller to do the initial setup of your system. After that, the computer takes over and provides you with a great factory set tune. You may want to “DIAL” it in for your particular application... Read More

Do I need to keep the Handheld controller connected at all times for the system to function?

No, after initial setup you can disconnect the handheld and store it away for future tuning if necessary BUT it is such a cool feature to have you probably won’t want to!

Do I need to boost reference the fuel pressure regulator?

Yes you do on blow through systems. On roots draw through blowers you do not.

Do I need any additional boxes i.e. MSD or firewall mounted driver boxes like the other brands?

No, you don’t, others claim to be all inclusive but you have to mount a box on the firewall for it to work and a CDI for the timing control to work. Plus the ECU that’s on the throttle body.... Read More

Can I run race gas?

Most race gas contains lead which will permanently damage the oxygen sensor. Be sure to check with your race gas supplier to verify if lead is an additive.

Why are your systems so inexpensive?

We like to answer that with another question. Why are the others so expensive? It’s a throttle body, 4 injectors, a few sensors and an ECU. Not much there when you really break it down. Our OE ties allow us... Read More

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