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What if my engine doesn’t have a place for a mechanical pump?

You can use an electric low pressure inline pump 3-8 lbs to fill the tank.

What are the dimensions of the tank?

You can find the dimensions below. There is a chart towards the bottom of this page.

What are the advantages over an inline fuel pump?

You will never uncover the fuel pickup and you don’t need to run a return line. You can run down to the last drop of fuel without a single hiccup! This is the easiest fuel system you will ever use.... Read More

Is the Command Center affected by heat? How close to the headers can I mount it?

It’s basically like a carb float bowl. You want to keep it as cool as possible. But it won’t vapor lock. The cooler the better, cool fuel is preferred but under hood temps won’t damage the system. Keep it as... Read More

How much INLET ‘low’ pressure should I have?

3-8 lbs is perfect.

How much fuel is stored in the Command Center?

A little over 1 quart.

How many HP is the pump good for?

It has a 340 lph pump that is usually rated up to 1200 HP by most companies. Since we know that there is a lot that goes into this calculation, i.e. voltage , boost, pressure, filter, line length… we under... Read More

How do I vent the Command Center?

Please read the instructions for the best options for venting your Command Center. This is a very important step so do not skimp out. A hose to the ground is not a vent!

Does the Fuel Command Center fit in my gas tank?

No! this is not an in-tank unit! It is used to eliminate the need for complicated fuel system plumbing and tank modification. It mounts in your engine compartment and is fed low pressure fuel from your original carburetor pump. It... Read More

Do I need a return line?

No return line is necessary BUT you can use one if you desire. There are options for plumbing the system both ways.

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