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How do I optimize the Ignition Timing?

This is typically performed on a dynamometer – creep up on timing until performance stops increasing – for a starting point, use expert opinions – more is not better with timing. Cranking at “Distr Base Timing” is often OK at... Read More

How do I synchronize the distributor with the handheld?

You first should have a good idea of what your engine needs for cranking spark advance without kicking back – and set the handheld’s “Distr Base Timing” to that value. Keep in mind that this value is then your minimum... Read More

Does the Ignition Timing jump from each setting, or is there interpolation?

There is interpolation – for example, if your settings say 25 deg @ 1100 RPM & 45kPa, 15 deg @ 1100 95kPa, 40 @ 3000 & 45kPa, 31 @ 3000 & 95kPa, but you’re driving at 1800 & 65kPa, the... Read More

Does the Ignition Timing Control learn what’s optimum for my engine?

No! There is no learning for timing control. If your engine experiences knocking, it won’t make any adjustment by itself – you have to do the adjustment with the tables provided. The distributor must also be properly set with a... Read More

Do I need to use the Ignition Timing Control if my system has it?

No, this feature is optional. All systems can run with the TACH signal input in a “Fuel Only” mode.

What advantages does Ignition Timing Control have?

Ignition timing control allows the timing to be set to what the user desires with RPM and vacuum, without having to change springs, weights, or vacuum advance settings. It allows the timing with boost to be adjusted to be less... Read More

Where is the best place to mount it?

We like the inside of the radiator core support or the inner fender well. Something strong and flat. You can shim the brackets to make it level. You are a gearhead! You will find a good place!

What micron filter is included in the kit and is it cleanable?

It’s a washable 30 micron high pressure EFI filter. Please follow the arrow for direction when mounting.

What kind of fuel lines and fittings are included in the kit?

We supply EFI rated push lock hoes and black push lock -6 fittings. Also, nickel plated adapter fittings for many fuel pumps to convert to -6. Sorry, some pumps will require you to buy your own fittings, we can’t supply... Read More

What is the fuel pressure of the pump?

That is more the job of the regulator, on the Command Center the standard pressure is 4 bar or 58 psi. This is the Factory Preset for our Go EFI line of products. We offer 3 bar 43.5 psi replaceable... Read More

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